Agency: Nexus Recovery Center, Inc.
Address: 8733 La Prada Drive
Dallas, TX 75228
Telephone Number: (214) 321-0156
Fax Number: (214) 321-3096
Email Contact:
Who Is Eligible: Adult women and teenage girls ages 13 to 17
Available Services: Chemical dependency treatment for both adult and adolescent females, including pregnant females and women with children. Provides both residential and outpatient treatment as well as child care services to the children of clients.
Date & Time: Residential: Monday-Sunday, 24 hours a day
Fee: None if eligible for North Star or private insurance.
Additional Information: Four primary programs: 1) Adult women- 18 and above. 2) Women with children. 3) Adolescent girls (13-17) 4) Pre and Postpartum women.

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