Agency: EyeCare America (National EyeCare Program)
Address: P.O. Box 7424
San Francisco, CA 94120-7424
Telephone Number: (415) 561-8500
Fax Number: (415) 561-8533
Email Contact:
Who Is Eligible: U.S. citizen or legal resident, ages 65 or older, not belong to HMO or have eye care benefits through the VA, not seen an ophthalmologist in three or more years.
Available Services: The Senior EyeCare program ensures that every senior has access to medical eye care and promotes annual dilated eye exams. It raises awareness about eye-related disease, including cataracts, provides free eye care education materials and facilitates access to eye care- at no out of pocket expense for eligible seniors. People may call the toll free number anytime to request free eye care educational materials. Also, to determine if they qualify for a referral for one of EyeCare America's volunteer ophthalmologists nationwide.
Date & Time: Free if eligible
Additional Information:

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