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09/03/202126.4350.60.40MATT MARICK HE-GOVERNMENT PAYMENTS 110.00
09/02/202101.6320.60.10JASON QUIGLEY MCDONALD'S F12041 16.52
09/02/202101.4809.60.20ROBERT HAMILTON LOWES #02516 318.98
09/02/202101.4809.60.20ROBERT HAMILTON LOWES #00183 275.86
09/02/202101.4204.20.44SANDRA JONES KROGER #0586 17.98
09/02/202163.7520.90.20TONY UNDERHILL NORTHERN TOOL & EQUIP 999.95
09/02/202120.4409.85.70VALARIE JACKSON NTTA ONLINE 3.71
09/02/202101.6643.50.90ANDY ANDERSON LOWES #00183 1.28
09/02/202101.6643.50.90ANDY ANDERSON ADI-DA 25.98
09/02/202101.6897.10.40BRIAN WELTER APPLE STORE #R151 299.00
09/02/202101.4204.50.16CHRIS LANZI AMZN MKTP US 251C50SZ0 28.99
09/02/202101.5010.60.55DAVID BERNAL TJCTC WEB 50.00
09/02/202101.6320.60.10DON EPTING WHATABURGER 541 Q26 18.53
09/02/202101.6320.60.10DON EPTING DFW AIRPORT PARKING 33.00
09/02/202101.6320.60.10DON EPTING HERTZ 107.73
09/02/202101.6320.60.10DON EPTING PHILLIPS 66 - KCI CAR 33.50
09/02/202101.4204.20.44GALE RUBIO SP THECLEANBLOCK 26.52
09/01/202101.6897.10.40JA HARBOUR MAILGUN TECHNOLOGIES, 228.78
09/01/202101.6320.60.10DON EPTING RED LOBSTER 0263 51.13
09/01/202101.6320.60.10DON EPTING TGI FRIDAYS #0843 32.57
09/01/202101.4710.60.53DAN ROCHELLE SQ CG WHOLESALE 396.07
09/01/202126.4720.60.42BRITTNEY LASLEY WAL-MART #5707 73.81
09/01/202163.7520.90.20BROOKE ROSE LOWES #00183 1042.62
09/01/202101.5010.60.55CRAIG PARRISH TJCTC WEB 50.00
09/01/202101.4204.50.16CHRIS LANZI LOWES #00183 32.80

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