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01/03/202301.4241.20.70LISA COX AMZN MKTP US AC1MZ7VS3 129.99
01/02/202301.4205.50.90MELODY DAVID AMZN MKTP US OZ04K8B03 53.98
01/02/202301.4241.60.18TIMOTHY KEFFER AMZN MKTP US 358GS7803 27.49
01/02/202301.6461.10.18BOBBY ABERNATHY RESTREAM, INC. 99.00
01/01/202301.6897.10.40JA HARBOUR MAILGUN TECHNOLOGIES, 400.00
01/01/202301.4204.20.80JENNIFER HERNANDEZ LOTS OF AUCTIONS 11.50
01/01/202301.5210.10.90JENNIFER PICKLER ONLINE JOB ADS INDEED 497.26
01/01/202301.5010.10.75KELLY HUSCHKE MARRIOTT 767.55
12/31/202201.6661.10.90JENNIFER PICKLER CANVA I03651-22655725 478.68
12/31/202226.4241.60.43LINDSAY KNOX AMAZON.COM MG1AV6Z23 44.99
12/30/202226.4204.60.43LINDSAY KNOX AMAZON.COM UB20Y4163 10.99
12/30/202201.4710.50.90MELODY DAVID AMAZON.COM Y79MR6KC3 139.99
12/30/202201.4204.60.20PAULINE HUTSON STAPLS7371189531000001 668.14
12/30/202201.4350.60.20ROBERT HAMILTON [email protected] 3474YRX 10.00
12/30/202201.4350.60.20ROBERT HAMILTON [email protected] 3474YEW 35.00
12/30/202201.4809.50.90ROBERT TALLANT LOWES #00183 10.56
12/30/202201.4809.50.90ROBERT TALLANT HOBBY-LOBBY #0146 18.45
12/30/202201.4251.50.90ROBERT TALLANT LOWES #00183 37.48
12/30/202201.6643.50.90STEVEN PEMBLE IN A TO T LAMPS INC 68.00
12/30/202201.5010.60.53MARTIN POPICK OSS ACADEMY 112.50
12/30/202201.5010.50.90JEREMY CROW AMERICAN AIRLINES 16.03
12/30/202201.5010.50.90JEREMY CROW AMERICAN AIRLINES 172.60
12/30/202201.5010.50.90JEREMY CROW FRONTIER 103.99
12/30/202201.5010.50.90JEREMY CROW PRICELN AMERICAN AIRLI 8.00
12/30/202201.4204.10.70JACKIE LOVELADY STAPLS7371193796000001 36.21

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